About Us

Hey guys,
we are thrilled and excited to share with you our product!

As a team of recruiters and developers we were upset and demotivated by the amount of hours per day that were wasted on manual work of recruiters and sourcers. As a result, we decided to optimize and automate the process as much as possible, so that we could focus only on the work that really matters. LinkMatch is the first step out of a thousand that we are planning to take so that recruiting is better, simpler and more profitable.

At the very beginning, after we made the very first version of LinkMatch, we tested it internally with a team of real recruiters, who are really heavy LinkedIn users. We measured carefully all the results, it appeared everyone in the team was saving around 1-2 hours per day. After receiving validation of the benefits LinkMatch brings, we decided to get it to the world. And here we are, proud to serve a diverse and global community.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence has resonated with customers across the globe, and we are thrilled to share that our services have reached the far corners of the world. Today, we are privileged to support clients in an impressive 89 countries.

From the bustling cities of North America to the serene landscapes of New Zealand, from the historic corners of Europe to the vibrant markets of Asia, our footprint spans continents and cultures. Each customer brings a unique perspective, contributing to the rich tapestry of our global community.

Join us for this amazing experience that will forever change how you do sourcing on LinkedIn. We are open to your ideas, suggestions and any type of feedback.

You can always reach us at team@linkmatch.com

Sincerely yours,LinkMatch Team
Our Team
Iurie Iazlovițchi
CEO, Founder
Mark Nezvisky
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Julia Ostafii
Software Engineer, Employee #1
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Andrew Kukurudziak
Customer Success Specialist
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LinkMatch was publicly
launched in 2016.
From June 2021 LinkMatch is a product of the company - Logical Pure Minds SRL, based in Romania.

Legal Address

Strada Lazar Vicol, nr. 15, bl. E37 sc. A, ap. 47,
Romania, 720245
VAT: RO43302770

Phone Number

+1 (415) 799-8969