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  • Instantly see which LinkedIn profiles are already exported
  • Keep track of the parsing process on the dashboard
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  • Export all visible data - including Background Experience, Education and Skills
  • Start/Stop the parsing process at your convenience. You can start the parsing before having lunch for example
  • If you have a list of LinkedIn profile links, you can add them in bulk to the parsing queue
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Comprehensive UX

  • Handy dashboard for frictionless experience working with your profiles
  • One profile per click or add a bunch into parsing queue
  • Export in Excel or CSV format
  • Parsing credits never expire
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... and even more

On the Fly Profile

We display up to three fields of additional info without opening the profile page

Customer dashboard

Manage your team, subscriptions, settings and analytics in one place.

Unique LinkedIn Data

Know when your client's birthday is or how many people are following him.

How many new deals can you get
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for LinkedIn and CSV/Excel integration?

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5 seats
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2 hours per day x 10+ leads per hour x 10% conversion rate x 1 months x 5 seats


Accounts with 20+ paid users are eligible for a free 45 min onboarding call.
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Price Per Saved Profile
$ 10 for 100 profiles
  • 100 profiles for 10€
  • 1000 profiles for 75€
  • Contact us if you need more
Price Per Saved Profile
$ 1111 user/qarter
  • 1000 profiles for 75€ (save 25%)
  • 5000 profiles for 329€ (save 34%)
  • Contact us if you need more
Price Per Saved Profile
$ 10 for 100 credits
20 free trial credits
  • 1000 profiles for 75€ (save 25%)
  • 5000 profiles for 329€ (save 34%)
  • Instantly save a profile into CSV or Excel file with one click
  • Paste a bunch of LinkedIn profile links and have them all saved for you

Supported CRMs

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Don't see your CRM in the list?
Let us know at team@linkmatch.com

Linkedin CSV Export FAQ

Where can I find the LinkMatch options page?

There are several ways. The easiest one is to click on login button at the top of this page. Also, you can click on the green checkmark in the right upper corner of your Chrome browser. If you don’t see the green checkmark you can click on the vertically positioned 3 grey dots in the right upper corner of your Chrome browser, then “More Tools”, “Extensions”, navigate LinkMatch for “YOUR CRM SYSTEM”, click “Details” and finally “Extension Options”.

Does LinkMatch fetch the email and phone number?

Only if it’s available on the LinkedIn page of a particular LinkedIn profile. We do have plans to expand this functionality and provide an email even if it’s not available on the LinkedIn page of a particular profile.

How do I save/update LinkedIn profiles in bulk/in a batch instead of one by one?

Unfortunately no, we used to have such a feature, but it appeared to require too much maintenance, so it was discontinued.

Do you offer integrations with other CRM systems?

Currently we are integrated with Zoho CRM/Recruit, PipeDrive, Greenhouse, Close, HubSpot, Insightly, CATS, PCRecruiter. This list is constantly expanding with the plans of further integrations in the future. If you’d like us to integrate with a system that’s not on the list, please drop us a line at team@linkmatch.com and we’ll let you know what could be done.

How can I become a LinkMatch affiliate partner?

Yes, please check the details on our Reseller Partnership page

Can LinkMatch export LinkedIn contacts to CSV and Excel formats?

Yes, LinkMatch provides the capability to export LinkedIn contacts to both CSV and Excel formats. This allows you to easily download and utilize your LinkedIn contacts in a convenient and compatible file format.

Can I customize the exported CSV or Excel file to include specific contact fields or information?

Absolutely! LinkMatch allows you to customize the exported CSV or Excel file by selecting specific contact fields or information to include. This customization feature ensures that you have the flexibility to tailor the exported file according to your specific needs and preferences.

Is the exported CSV or Excel file compatible with other CRM or contact management systems?

Yes, the exported CSV or Excel file from LinkMatch is compatible with various CRM and contact management systems. The file format allows for seamless import into other platforms, facilitating integration and data transfer between different systems for enhanced productivity and data continuity.
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