LinkedIn Groups Basics

What are they?

LinkedIn Groups is a functionality that allows people to create a group based on their interests and passions. They are free, and anyone can join them.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups have many benefits that are worth taking into account.

Some of the ones that we think are the most important:

  1. Networking

They are a great source of networking with people interested in the same fields as you. You can expand your network by connecting with different members. You can check their profiles and send a connection note mentioning that you share the same group membership, this will lead to higher conversion from request to acceptance.

  1. Knowledge sharing

Groups are also an excellent source of knowledge sharing because members can open conversations, post resources and create polls.

  1. Brand Building

LinkedIn groups are great for brand building as well. You can establish yourself as a trusted HR professional and increase credibility.

  1. Job Openings

Groups are also a place where people post their open jobs or if they are looking for one. This is a fantastic sourcing channel that you can use for free.

How to Use LinkedIn Groups as a Recruiter

Being aware of the benefits is one thing, but starting to use groups as a recruiter is different. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the best of this recruitment channel.

Set your Objectives

Before starting to join groups, it is essential to set your objectives. Define what exactly you are looking for from these groups and how you will measure whether this is successful.

E.g: I want to join 5 groups and connect with at least 20 people in the next months.

Disclaimer! Make sure you connect with people that are relevant to your industry since LinkedIn will keep recommending you people with similar profiles.

Choose the Right Groups

Like any social platform, LinkedIn has spam groups as well. Before joining a group, set a list of guiding principles that you will follow.

You can look for the industry, the list of members, the topic of discussion, etc. You can also join them for a limited period of time, and if they are not relevant to you, you can choose to leave them.

Participate and Contribute

Once you have identified the groups you want to join, you should get actively involved. Share ideas, resources, and AHA moments from your job. A pro tip will be to share use cases. People love reading about actual cases and how you handled them. Of course, consider the privacy of your candidate or other people involved.

Post a Job

Use the groups as a way to share your company’s open jobs. You can create a short intro where you can share the type of candidates you are looking for and ask group members to tag people they might know. Be mindful not to become spammy. It is essential to be a giver before taking from the group.

Create your own group

After you increase your network and once you have a strategy in place, you can create your own LinkedIn group and start a set of discussions around valuable topics for you. You can take those topics and integrate them into your personal brand strategy.

Best LinkedIn Groups for Recruiters

We know that selecting groups might be overwhelming, so we did it for you. Here you have a list of the top 5 groups on LikedIn that are popular among recruiters.

  1. Recruitment consultants and stuffing
  2. The Recruitment Network
  3. e-Recruitment network 
  4. Corporate Recruiter
  5. Creative jobs

LinkedIn Groups for Recruiters FAQ

How do I find a list of groups on LinkedIn?

You can go to the search bar, type the keywords you are interested in and select Groups from the list of options.

How do I use LinkedIn groups for recruiting?

You can use the groups to post job openings, network with potential candidates, and select relevant topics to address or integrate into your recruitment process.

How effective are Linkedin groups for recruiting?

LinkedIn groups are effective for recruitment if you select the right ones and if you are also actively contributing to them.

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