What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn InMails is one of LinkedIn’s most interesting functionalities. InMails are customizable paid messages you can send to anyone with a LinkedIn account. 


The main benefit is that you can send InMail to people not connected to you. The normal LinkedIn messages allow you to send messages only to people that are already your connection. 

Moreover, InMails have a better open rate compared to cold emailing. Also, InMail allows you to track your campaigns and check on the view and open rates. 

Credits System

As we mentioned, InMails are a paid feature of LinkedIn. They work based on a credit system. You can buy batches of 10, 20, or 40. Each time you send a message, it will deduct from the batch. 

Also, if you already have any other premium packages activated, you get a limited number of credits included:

  • Premium Career: 5
  • Premium Business: 15
  • Sales Navigator: 20
  • Recruiter Lite: 30
  • Sales Navigator Teams: 30
  • Sales Navigator Enterpresie: 50 
  • Recruiter Professional: 100
  • Recruiter Corporate: 150 

LinkedIn InMail Tips for Success

Like any other feature, you get the best out of it when you use it wisely. 

Here are our top 4 tips for using LinkedIn InMail successfully. 

Personalize your InMail

The no. 1 tip is to avoid looking like a spam email by personalizing the message that you are sending to your potential candidate. Check their profile, mark some of the keywords that you plan to use in your message, and compose it accordingly.

Make it about them

When you send your InMail, don’t waste the no. of characters talking about you. Talk about them. What’s in it for them? How do they benefit from what you are offering? These are two key questions that you should ask yourself before sending any message. 

Make it catchy!

The best thing about LinkedIn InMail is that you can add a subject line. Spend time brainstorming what you can use to make them curious about what you want to offer. The subject line is the first thing they are going to see, and that will impact the open rate. 

Keep it simple!

Don’t overcomplicate your message. Don’t write huge paragraphs. Break them down into smaller, simpler ideas. Also, leave room for a reply by adding a celar call to action. 

Sponsored InMail

How does it work?

Market who matters is the tagline that LinkedIn uses when promoting sponsored InMail. By using this option, you can deliver a specific message to a specific audience of your choice. 

You might now see Sponsored InMail under the name Message Ad. 

To set it up, you need to follow the next steps:

  1. Pick your sender
  2. Choose the ad format (Message ad campaign or conversation ad campaign)
  3. Optimize the message based on the audience insights that LinkedIn offers to you
  4. Send it


The main benefit is that you can target exactly who you need. This way, you ensure your message reaches the exact audience that increases conversion rates. 

Moreover, you can accelerate your lead pipeline by driving more traffic to your website or other relevant pages for your recruitment efforts. 


One of the limitations is that you have no certainty of the opening rate. LinkedIn claims the Sponsored InMail open rate is 166% higher than email marketing benchmarks. 

Another limitation concerns the number of characters you can use to send an email. 


According to Saleshandy, LinkedIn InMail costs 79,99$ for 50 credits. 

However, we mentioned at the beginning of the article that you can get InMail credits if you use other paid subscriptions as well.

What do you think about LinkedIn InMails? Have you used them so far?

LinkedIn InMail FAQ

What is the difference between InMail and message on LinkedIn?

InMails are paid messages that you can send to everybody. Messages are a free feature, but you can only use them to approach your existing connections. 

Are LinkedIn InMail messages automated?

No. However, LinkedIn can give you some recommendations. 

Can I tell if someone read my InMail on LinkedIn?

Yes, you can enable the read notification on LinkedIn.

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