One of the least-known resources offered by LinkedIn is LinkedIn Recruiter Training Courses. In this article, we cover more about the available library, training topics, and how you can use it.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

First and foremost, what is LinkedIn Recruiter?

It is a recruitment tool companies use to find and hire the best talent for their open jobs. It is best suited for larger companies that have high hiring needs.

Main Features

You can use LinkedIn Recruiter to search among the 850 million profiles available on LinkedIn by using the 40+ filers available with your license. Moreover, you can send over 150 personalized InMails to connections that you think might be suitable for your job openings.

Another interesting feature is that you can use it as a collaboration tool and add up to 20 colleagues per license. This saves you a lot of time and avoids confusion when you send messages to the same candidates.

And if you like data, you will like LinkedIn Recruiter. You can access different reports such as InMail performance and job opening insights but also see the activity of each recruiter and where can be improved.


The main benefit is that it offers you an extensive network where you can search for your ideal candidates. Moreover, you get o improve your recruitment processes and reduce your time to hire by using the InMails options and the 40+ search filters.


Access to all these features and benefits comes with a price. According to Skillfuel, costs start at around $8999 per year or $825 per month. You have to see if it is suitable for your company’s budget and if it satisfies all your needs.

If you think it might be too expensive, you can also try Recruiter Lite.

LinkedIn Recruiter Training Library

The cool thing about Recruiter is that it comes with a LinkedIn Recruiter Training Library. This is a collection of on-demand tip sheets, tutorials, and videos that you can watch to enhance your knowledge.

You can check the full catalog here.

Course Types

There are 7 types of courses you can check out:

  1. Assessments
  2. Curricula
  3. Tip Sheets
  4. Tutorials
  5. Videos
  6. Live Webinars
  7. Recorded Webinars

These are available in multiple languages as well.


Another great thing about recruiter training courses is that they have different duration. You can filter based on what suits you best. The available duration is:

  • < 5 min
  • 5-10 min
  • 11-15 min
  • >15 min

Training Topics

Based on the course types, you have multiple training topics from which you can choose.


For assessment, you have two available topics: LinkedIn Recruiter Self-Assessment and Excel with LinkedIn Recruiter Assessment. These are designed to help you check your current knowledge and reinforce the concepts you already have.


When you filter after curricula you will get 4 topics:

  1. Get started with Recruiter
  2. Leverage the Full Power of LinkedIn Recruiter
  3. Welcome to Account Center
  4. Job Wrapping for Administrators

These are great, practical, videos to help you accommodate with LinkedIn Recruiter and its functionalities.

Tip Sheets

There are more than 40 tip sheets that you can access in the learning center. You can download:

  1. Recruiter Essentials Checklist
  2. Increase efficiency with projects
  3. Track profile activity
  4. Create the perfect LinkedIn Profile
  5. Navigating Employer Brand
  6. Save time with Search alerts
  7. Find more candidates with Apply Starters
  8. Determine your InMail strategy
  9. The secret to optimizing your outreach
  10. Find candidates open to work


Tutorials are, as well, the place to go when you don’t understand how to use a specific functionality. There are more than 40 tutorials on different topics:

  1. Explore Recruiter Homepage
  2. Manage Proile Activity
  3. Build your brand on LinkedIn
  4. Advanced Search filters
  5. Searching for contractors
  6. Be first to know when people join or leave a company
  7. Alumni connections for warm introductions
  8. Be the first to know when a company begins hiring
  9. Start recruiting proactively
  10. InMail template

Live Webinars

Live webinars are useful for getting direct information from LinkedIn. You find them on the catalog under:

  1. Recruiter Essentials
  2. Advanced search strategies
  3. Boost your InMail performance
  4. Business Development strategies
  5. Build a thriving talent pipeline
  6. Engage talent with your brand
  7. Sourcing contractors with LinkedIn Recruiter
  8. The talent hunter’s blueprint: proven strategies for sourcing talent.

Have you used this learning center before? Let us know what you think.

LinkedIn Recruiter Training FAQ

How do I become a certified recruiter on LinkedIn?

Unfortunately, LinkedIn announced that the recruiter certification exam would no longer be available. However, you can use the learning center to get insights about how to use LinkedIn to the maximum.

How do I get access to the LinkedIn Recruiter Learning Center?

You get access to the LinkedIn Recruiter learning center when you create a LinkedIn Recruiter account.

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