The power of LinkedIn integrations with Greenhouse

Why you need a prospecting integration

One of the questions clients usually ask is why companies need a prospecting integration tool.

We always answer with two things: automation and efficiency.

Prospecting tools are excellent for companies looking for ways to automate their work and create a customized experience in their recruitment process.

The importance of candidate management

Prospecting tools and candidate management are usually used together. Candidate management is all you do to attract, manage and onboard your soon-to-be employees.

Prospecting tools are a great way to spice up your candidate management process by adding personalized elements to your interactions with them. This will increase the chances of converting prospects into candidates into employees.

How to pick the best one for you

Similar to the candidate selection process, you should have a selection process for the proper integration tool for your company. If you don’t have a clear list of things you are looking for, you might end up using the wrong tool, ultimately wasting time, money, and loads of frustration.

Here you have some things you should look into before choosing the tool:

  • Is this tool effortlessly scalable?
  • Does it have the structure and process that ensure data security?
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Does it have excellent customer support?

Greenhouse’s Native Integration

Greenhouse is the leading hiring software for growing companies. Their mission is to make every company great at hiring.

One of the integrations they offer, and the one we will cover, is LinkedIn with Greenhouse Recruiting.


The LinkedIn and Greenhouse integration allows you to:

  • Post your job board to LinkedIn for free using LinkedIn Limited Listings
  • Use tracking links on LinkedIn for a single job post. This allows you to create unique URLs and better track your applicant’s source.
  • LinkedIn job wrapping for tracking multiple job posts. If you don’t want to create single links every time, you can use the option to wrap the ones that you have available.
  • Allow candidates to apply directly from LinkedIn with LinkedIn Easy Apply
  • Connect LinkedIn Recruiter into the LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect. This will allow you to connect your LinkedIn Recruiter accounts directly to the Greenhouse Recruiting dashboard.
  • Use Greenhouse Chrome extension to work wherever you are


Some of the drawbacks, according to their customers, are:

  • Difficulty in importing assessment results into Greenhouse from integrations
  • Bulk importing candidates from drag and drop method is not efficient
  • UI needs improvement
  • Limited reporting features

Zapier’s Greenhouse-LinkedIn integration

Zapier is a tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks between two or more applications. When an event happens in one of the apps, Zapier transfers the updates to the other apps.


Zapier offers Greenhouse-LinkedIn integration automatically, with no code required.

Some of the features that they offer are:

  • Add triggers when a new candidate application is submitted
  • Add triggers when there is a new scheduled interview
  • Option to add a new candidate to the dashboard
  • Edit option for one candidate profile
  • Searching for candidates by email address
  • Create and post a company update


According to Greenhouse’s website, they are a premium Zapier app. This means that a Zapier user has to have at least the starter plan activated to use the integration.’s Greenhouse-LinkedIn integration is the platform that allows organizations to automate complex processes through APIs. also offers Greenhouse integration. Let’s look into some of the features and drawbacks.


With this integration, you can:

  • Create ad campaigns
  • Search organizations or candidates by email
  • List multiple posts formats
  • Create new candidate and add specific notes to his profile
  • Get a list of all applicants
  • List jobs
  • Create customs fields for the sourcing process


According to their customers, some drawbacks are regarding setting up the integration flows. Also, the platform is not very intuitive, leading to roadblocks and difficulties in using all the functionalities available.

Pipedream’s Greenhouse-LinkedIn integration


Pipedream is a low-code integration tool that allows developers to connect many applications, data sources, and APIs to build cross-platform workflows.

Some of the features that they offer for Greenhouse-LinkedIn integration:

  • Create company or user posts on LinkedIn
  • Fetch ad account
  • Get current member profile using the API
  • Get multiple members’ profiles
  • Access analytics finder on LinkedIn


The main drawback regarding Pipedream is related to its security. Since it is an open API platform, from the user’s feedback, the main concern is related to data safety and GDPR compliance.

LinkMatch’s Greenhouse-LinkedIn integration


That’s us. 🙂

We offer LinkedIn and Greenhouse integration where you can:

  • Instantly see which LinkedIn profiles are already in Greenhouse
  • Have a distinctive badge for candidates and prospects so you don’t have to worry that you are going to mix them up
  • Save the LinkedIn profiles to your Greenhouse account directly
  • Choose which profile you want to save and how to do it
  • Set the default values for your fields so you can save time
  • View and edit existing profile without exiting LinkedIn
  • Adjust the view option to see what is relevant to you

We promise that you will save up to 2h of work per day, leading to 60 new closed deals per month.

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