If you use Hubspot to support part of your business processes, there is a great chance you use LinkedIn as well. This article looks into the best LinkedIn integrations for Hubspot to make your job easier and more effective.

The power of LinkedIn integrations with Hubspot

Why you need a prospecting integration

If you have never considered a prospecting integration tool, let us share why you have to start doing it.

Prospecting integration tools are great if you want to improve the quality and efficiency of your team since they allow you to check the performance and offer statistics to foster better data-driven decisions.

Moreover, these tools assist you in creating a customized experience for potential candidates and help you differentiate from the crowd.

The importance of candidate management

Prospecting tools are one part of the puzzle; another vital piece is related to candidate management. Have you ever come across this term? If not, don’t worry. We will explain it to you.

Candidate management represents the set of actions that you do to create a better relationship with your candidates. Here you have all the initiatives, tools, and processes that help you connect with your candidates and make a great first impression.

Paying attention to the overall experience of your candidates will lead to more job positions filled and reduced time to hire.

How to pick the best integration for you

Did we convince you why prospecting and candidate management are important? If the answer is yes, let’s look into how you can select the most suitable integration tool for your business.

There are a few questions that you should answer before deciding which one is best for you:

  1. Does this tool make my work more efficient?
  2. Is it easy to use and integrate with other current platforms that our company uses?
  3. Is it scalable across platforms and other countries/offices?
  4. Does it provide the right information that allows us to make data-driven decisions?
  5. How is the customer care service?
  6. How long will it take the integration before using it?

HubSpot’s Native Integration

One of the integration tools with LinkedIn is HubSpot.

HubSpot is a CRM platform that connects everything scaling companies need to deliver the best customer experience.

HubSpot also offers integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Let’s see some of the features and drawbacks of this LinkedIn to Hubspot integration.


  • Integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • The contacts section will allow you to see the LinkedIn job title, company, time in the current role, location and industry
  • You can save the contact information to a list in LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • You can also send InMail to the contacts that you have previously selected
  • The related leads options allows you to check similar leads for the same company
  • You can also see in the News section the updates that each company has  to add some background to the conversation you want to start
  • You can manage the tasks directly from your mobile phone


Although HubSpot offers some great features, there are a few drawbacks that you might want to consider:

  1. You must have an assigned Sales Hub Professionals for Enterprise to be able to use the LinkedIn integration
  2. You must have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced or Advanced Plus to use the integration
  3. You can’t import contacts from LinkedIn using the integration

Zapier’s HubSpot and LinkedIn integration

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps without a single line of code. Zapier connects HubSpot to over 1,400 apps using triggers and actions to automate work between HubSpot and other apps.


With Zapier integration with LinkedIn and Hubspot, you can:

  • Easily navigate to your companies or candidates and see their profiles
  • You can send InMails and icebreakers
  • You also have the option of related leads
  • You can add custom information for each profile


  • You can’t see the news section
  • The integration might be complicated at times

Expandi’s LinkedIn integration

Expandi claims they are one of the best automation tools for LinkedIn automation. They offer a secure process and mimic human behavior.


With Expandi, you can automate most of the tasks that take up a lot of time, such as:

  • Sending connections,
  • Follow-ups emails,
  • Liking or commenting on a candidate’s activity,
  • Endorsing someone’s skills
  • Image and gif personalization
  • And also, create scenarios based on your candidate’s behavior


  • The price point is higher
  • Some customers reported poor UI and customer care services
  • Reduced reporting capabilities

Make’s LinkedIn integration

Make (former Integromat) is a tool similar to Zappier. It allows you to automate and connect multiple apps in a few clicks.


Some of the main features include:

  • Adding contacts to a list or workflow
  • Connecting multiple CRM Objects
  • Create a calendar task
  • Cancel a broadcast message
  • Create/Update a contact
  • Watch records
  • Get statistics


  • Complicated workflows
  • Too many functionalities make the navigation difficult

LinkMatch integration with HubSpot

Yup! That’s us. We are an integration tool ready to save you up to 60 hours of manual work.

Here are some of our features for LinkedIn and HubSpot integration:


  • LinkedIn profiles which are already in your HubSpot will be marked with green checkmark
  • View/edit existing HubSpot profiles without leaving LinkedIn, including Opportunities, Tasks and Notes
  • Instantly save LinkedIn profiles straight to your HubSpot database
  • Save your LinkedIn conversations into HubSpot
  • Adjust HubSpot profile view in LinkedIn only to see what is important for you


  • You can’t see which connections you have in common with your prospect
  • You won’t receive leads recommendations

Ready to use an integration tool? Drop us a line, and we will answer all your questions.

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