Customer relationship management should be on each company’s strategy list. The relationship with your customers will shape your business’s success and sustainability.

We will look today into the best LinkedIn integrations for Pipedrive.

The power of LinkedIn integrations with Pipedrive

Why you need a prospecting integration

Prospecting integration is helpful for you if you are looking for ways to automate your work and focus on the value you deliver to your customers.

These tools help you gain time, and insight in order to reach your customers exactly when they need it.

The importance of candidate management

You can use prospecting tools for sales purposes and for candidate management as well.

Imagine how it would be if you, as a potential candidate, received a customized email, feedback, or reminder when the company promised you it would do.

Or how is it for you to have an organized tool that helps you with the most repetitive tasks?

That’s the beauty of prospecting tools.

They help you connect with your candidates in ways that allow you to build a relationship that will impact your company’s growth.

How to pick the best integration for you

Everything sounds amazing, right?

But how do you make sure you choose something suitable for your business?

We invite you to reflect and think about these questions:

  1. What is the right strategy for my company?
  2. Is this tool helping us achieve our business objectives?
  3. Is this tool easy to integrate?
  4. How many resources should we allocate to making this tool part of the company?
  5. Is it easy to navigate?
  6. Is it easy to scale?
  7. What is our budget?

After you go through this list, you should have a clearer picture of which tool best suits your company.

Once you agree on the characteristics, you can return to this article and check the list of potential products we wrote about.

Pipedrive’s Native Integration

Pipedrive is a CRM tool that salespersons created for salespersons. The primary purpose of Pipedrive was to eliminate repetitive tasks and to help salespeople have more time for actual selling.

Integrating Pipedrive with LinkedIn will help you speed up your processes and become faster and more productive.

Let’s see the main features, but also some drawbacks:


The Pipedrive LinkedIn integration allows you to:

  • Manage qualified candidates for your company
  • Save time through direct filters and lists
  • Choose what data you want to import and transfer
  • Switch from cold contacts to customer relationship building
  • Save LinkedIn messages to Pipedrive


Some drawbacks when it comes to LinkedIn integration are related to cross-communication flow. It might be tricky to send messages from LinkedIn, Facebook, and Telegram to Pipedrive. Also, the integration process might take longer than expected due to compatibility issues.

Another CRM that you can use for LinkedIn and Pipedrive integration is

It is a CRM tool that focuses on bridging the gap between CRM and LinkedIn so you can focus on outreach and closing.


Some of the features available:

  • Easily connect with LinkedIn leads
  • Notes and tags on each profile
  • Sync all your messages
  • Find LinkedIn emails
  • Create custom fields to add info for your prospects


The main drawback is that you don’t have matching functionality available and the integration is limited to LinkedIn, Pipedrive and Salesforce.


Bardeen is another tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks directly from your browser without code.


  • Use keyboard shortcuts to create a new Pipedrive contact from LinkedIn
  • You can associate an email with a candidate
  • You can easily create notes for each candidate
  • Cross-information between apps
  • Build automation without code
  • Bardeen ‘’lives’’ in your browser


One of the concerns regarding this tool is related to security. Bardeen claims their tool works while you sleep and that it ‘’lives’’ in your browser. This raises some security questions.


Leadjet is a tool that connects sales activities between LinkedIn and Pipedrive. More than 1800 companies use it.


  • You can export LinkedIn contact information in one click
  • Auto-update the outdated data
  • Leave notes on each profile
  • Use smart templates for messaging
  • Synchronize LinkedIn conversations with Pipedrive activities



Some of the users complained about the limited automation and integration features. Moreover, some concerns are related to the duplicated information created between LinkedIn and Pipedrive.


LinkMatch is us. 🙂


We offer you the possibility to integrate LinkedIn with Pipedrive and we have a list of features that will bring you the ease you are looking for.


  • Instantly see if there are any duplicates in your CRM
  • See the most important information from the profile at a glance
  • View or edit a complete profile without leaving LinkedIn
  • Save profiles directly to your Pipedrive
  • Automatically save your LinkedIn conversations to Pipedrive
  • Personalize the interface to see what is suitable for you

LinkMatch integration with Pipedrive saves up to 2 hours per day, which will help you close 60 new leads.

If you have any doubts/questions or just want to explore what LinkMatch has in store for you, drop us a line, and we will get in touch.

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