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Key Takeaways

  • Integrating Close CRM with LinkedIn significantly boosts inside sales efficiency and lead engagement.
  • Automated processes, enhanced lead discovery, and data-driven strategies are pivotal benefits of this integration.
  • LinkMatch further elevates the synergy, offering efficient profile management and synchronization between the two platforms.

In our latest article, we talked about Insightly integration with LinkedIn. In today’s article, we cover Close. This article aims to equip sales professionals with practical insights into leveraging this powerful combination to enhance their sales performance. 

We’ll explore the transformative synergy between these two platforms and how they can revolutionize your sales process. Let’s dive in!

The Power of Integrating Close CRM with LinkedIn

Exploring the Synergy between Close CRM and LinkedIn

The collaboration between Close CRM and LinkedIn is a game-changer in the realm of inside sales and lead engagement. This powerful alliance brings forward three primary benefits that are reshaping the sales landscape:

  • Enhanced Lead Intelligence

The integration provides sales professionals with in-depth insights into potential clients’ backgrounds, professional interests, and networks. This enriched data pool allows for more informed and tailored sales approaches.

  • Streamlined Sales Processes

By linking Close CRM’s organizational capabilities with LinkedIn’s vast networking prowess, sales teams can manage their pipelines more efficiently. This synergy reduces time spent on manual data entry and leads tracking time, enabling a more focused approach to sales strategies.

  • Improved Relationship Building

The combination of Close CRM’s detailed tracking with LinkedIn’s networking features fosters more robust, more personal connections with prospects and clients. Sales professionals can leverage this to nurture relationships effectively, leading to higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Setting Up the Integration

Implementing the Close CRM and LinkedIn integration requires a strategic approach to ensure effectiveness. Here are three best practices to consider when setting up and configuring this powerful integration:

  1. Ensure Data Integrity and Consistency

Prioritize maintaining the accuracy and consistency of data across both platforms. This involves regular checks to ensure that the information on LinkedIn profiles aligns with the data in Close CRM. Any discrepancies should be addressed promptly to maintain a reliable database.

  1. Customize Data Synchronization Rules

Tailor the data synchronization settings to match your sales team’s needs. Determine which data types should be synced automatically and which require manual oversight. Setting these parameters thoughtfully will optimize the integration’s efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Train Your Team Thoroughly

A well-trained team is crucial for maximizing the benefits of this integration. Conduct comprehensive training sessions to familiarize your sales team with the features and functionalities of the integrated system. Ensure they navigate both platforms seamlessly and leverage the combined capabilities for improved sales outcomes.

Leveraging Close CRM’s Capabilities with LinkedIn 

Integrating Close CRM with LinkedIn significantly amplifies the potential of your sales processes. Here’s how you can leverage their combined strengths, with practical examples for each aspect:

Enhancing Lead Discovery and Engagement

By syncing LinkedIn’s detailed professional profiles with Close CRM, sales teams can identify and engage with leads more effectively. For instance, a sales rep might use LinkedIn to identify a prospect’s recent career move or professional interests and tailor their outreach in Close CRM to reflect these insights, creating a more personalized and resonant connection.

Automated Sales Processes and Workflow

Close CRM automation can significantly streamline sales tasks when combined with LinkedIn’s data. For example, when a new connection is made on LinkedIn, Close CRM can automatically create a follow-up task for the salesperson, ensuring timely engagement without manual input.

Proactive Lead Nurturing and Follow-Up

Use LinkedIn’s rich data within Close CRM for proactive lead nurturing. A sales team could set up a system where any LinkedIn post engagement by a prospect triggers a follow-up action in Close CRM, allowing for prompt and relevant communication based on the prospect’s recent activity.

Tailored Communication and Relationship Building

The integrated communication tools allow for personalized interactions. A sales rep could, for example, use insights from LinkedIn, like a prospect’s recent posts or shared articles, to start a meaningful conversation in Close CRM’s email or call system, leading to a deeper, more personalized sales conversation.

Data-Driven Sales Strategies

Combining analytics from both platforms enables refined sales strategies. Imagine a scenario where a sales team analyzes common characteristics of top leads in Close CRM, like industry or role, and then uses this data to target similar profiles on LinkedIn, thus creating a more focused and effective lead generation strategy.

LinkMatch: Elevating Close CRM and LinkedIn Synergy

LinkMatch is essential in maximizing the potential of the Close CRM and LinkedIn integration. It offers specific features that elevate the synergy between these platforms, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s a closer look at what LinkMatch brings to the table:

Profile Matching and Management

LinkMatch allows for the immediate recognition of LinkedIn contacts already in Close CRM. For instance, a sales rep browsing LinkedIn could instantly see a visual indicator on a profile, showing that the person is an existing lead in Close CRM, thereby avoiding duplication of efforts.

You can also use the Viewing and Editing Close Profiles in LinkedIn feature. This enables sales teams to view and edit Close CRM profiles without leaving LinkedIn. Imagine seamlessly updating a lead’s status or adding notes to their Close CRM profile directly from LinkedIn, streamlining the workflow significantly.

Efficient Profile Saving

LinkMatch lets users save LinkedIn profiles directly to Close CRM with a single click. This could be particularly useful when a sales rep discovers a potential lead on LinkedIn and can immediately add them to Close CRM for future engagement.

By customizing the Data Storage functionality, users can select what LinkedIn information is saved to Close CRM and how. For example, a user could import only job titles and email addresses or set default values for specific fields, ensuring that the data in Close CRM remains relevant and organized.

Synchronization for Up-to-Date Information

With LinkMatch, any changes made to a LinkedIn profile are automatically updated in Close CRM. This ensures that the sales team always has the most current information, like if a contact gets a new job or updates their email address.


The integration of Close CRM with LinkedIn represents a significant advancement in the realm of inside sales and lead engagement. It unlocks new levels of efficiency and effectiveness, allowing sales professionals to access enhanced lead intelligence, streamline their sales processes, and build stronger, more personalized relationships with prospects. 

Adding LinkMatch further elevates this synergy, offering innovative solutions for profile matching, efficient data management, and synchronization of up-to-date information. 

FAQs: Close & LinkedIn

How does integrating Close CRM with LinkedIn benefit inside sales?

Integrating Close CRM with LinkedIn enhances lead intelligence, streamlines sales processes, and fosters stronger, more personalized relationships with prospects.

What are the key features of the Close CRM and LinkedIn integration?

Key features include enriched lead profiles, automated workflow synchronization, and improved data-driven sales strategies, leveraging the strengths of both platforms.

How does LinkMatch enhance the Close CRM and LinkedIn integration?

LinkMatch enhances this integration by offering instant profile identification, efficient profile saving, and synchronization of updates between LinkedIn and Close CRM.

Can the integration of Close CRM and LinkedIn automate sales tasks?

Yes, the integration automates various sales tasks, such as data entry and follow-up scheduling, freeing time for sales reps to focus on relationship-building.

What are the best practices for setting up the Close CRM and LinkedIn integration?

Best practices include ensuring data integrity, customizing synchronization rules, and providing thorough training to the sales team for optimal use of the integrated system.

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