What’s In It For Me?

This is the #1 question a candidate would ask themselves if they’re approached by you (the recruiter). And in our message to them, we typically don’t answer that question for them. Furthermore, we are not even aware they’re asking it 🙂

But if we are aware of this question this totally changes how we position ourselves as a company or as their career adviser.

While you might be creating a compelling message, candidates are getting tons of emails per day and most of these emails are about how great the company is or how awesome the position is. Yet by using this approach you’re having all the focus on you and your company rather than on your candidate.

Of course you care about your company and making your Clients happy, but often times candidates end up being mistreated. And the very first thing where that’s noticeable is in your initial message to them.

Connecting with your Candidates

All of your candidates have certain career aspirations, life plans and human needs. By keeping that in mind you will be able to attract their attention rather than turn them off by being self-centered.

Think of the following questions that will help you streamline your approach and help you connect with candidates better:

  1. What is the candidate really after?
  2. At what stage of the career are they and where would they want to go next?
  3. How is your company different? What can you offer that other companies don’t have?
  4. Why should the candidate go through you and not your competition?
  5. What’s so special about your Clients?
  6. How is your interviewing process different?

Often times we assume that our message, position and Client are the best. But in the eyes of the candidate it may be just another message on LinkedIn that brings no value. By answering the questions above you will be able to present your position/Client with uniqueness. Furthermore, the message will not be based around only you. Since you will be approaching them from a place of interest to better get to know them and to show how an experience with you may be different.

Avoiding Stereotypes

I’ve spoken to many candidates over the 8 years of my recruiting career and the majority of them have a certain stereotype about recruiters which is of course based on the negative experience candidates have had. So when you approach them with an industry standard message they’ll just think about an ordinary company that is virtually the same as where they are now, they’ll think about the same management style, interviewing process where recruiters never get back to them, same projects and opportunities for growth, etc.

However, by answering these questions you tap into the needs and desires of your candidates and as a result become their career adviser that is willing to listen and build long term relationships even if it means not placing them for this particular position.

The Importance of Connection

Yes, you should care about your needs and your Clients needs as well, however, as I mentioned above often times we get so carried away with making that placement that we don’t see the long term picture which is building lasting relationships with a community of professionals that can turn to you for advice when the time is right.

By using this approach you’re not giving up your needs or your Clients needs, you still will be connecting with professionals that potentially might be interested in your current position, but even if they’re not currently interested you can always stay in touch for future openings.

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check LinkMatch Team
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