Being a Recruitment Manager isn’t a walk in the park. You have to consider many aspects of the business while ensuring you bring onboard the best talent to deliver on the company’s mission.

Searching for the right tools to automize your work is probably on your TO-DO list.

Today we will deep dive into Zoho CRM and LinkedIn integration.

The power of LinkedIn integrations with Zoho CRM

In case you didn’t hear about it, Zoho CRM is a CRM used by over 250K businesses around the world. It acts as a single repository to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together while streamlining your processes and people all under one platform.

Zoho CRM also offers multiple integration capabilities and is one of the must-haves in terms of prospecting.

Why you need a prospecting integration

Ever wonder why you need prospecting integration tools? Here are some of the reasons that you might not consider so far:

  • They assist you in creating a customized experience for potential candidates
  • Help you improve the quality and efficiency of your team’s work
  • Allow you to check on the performance status
  • Improve communication between team members
  • Provide statistics and data that you can use for better business decisions
  • Offer you an all-in-one experience that eventually leads to more time for you

The importance of candidate management

Now that you understand the importance of prospecting integration we must tell you about another piece of the puzzle: candidate management.

Candidate management is all the actions that you are doing to foster close relationships with your job candidates. Nothing is more frustrating for a job candidate than not getting any feedback or not having a pleasant interaction with the HR representative. Your processes must adapt to their needs and expectations.

Candidate management is part of your Talent Acquisition strategy and needs to consider the A to Z journey of your candidates, business objectives, and organizational culture fit.

How to pick the best integration for you

Since you now understand why prospecting and candidate management is essential, you might now wonder how you can choose the best integration tool for your business.

We’ve prepared 8 questions that will help you get the answer you need:

  1. What is the right integration strategy for your company?
  2. What are the integration options that you have available?
  3. How is an integration tool going to affect your current status?
  4. How secure is the integration?
  5. Is it user-friendly and easy to use by different categories of people?
  6. Does it offer extra benefits and data that can help your decision-making process?
  7. Is it scalable?
  8. Does it offer an all-in-one experience?

We will analyze some of the available tools to help you even more with the decision.

Zoho CRM’s Native Integration

We previously mentioned Zoho CRM so let’s start with it.


The LinkedIn to Zoho CRM integration allows you to:

  • Directly integrate with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Find information about your prospects: profile details, company info and recent activity updates on LinkedIn, without leaving the CRM
  • Discover what things you and your prospect have in common
  • Match with possible leads
  • Check the common connections you have with a prospect


There are also some things that you might consider before deciding which tool is best for you.

For example, although LinkedIn Integration with Zoho CRM is possible, there are also some drawbacks to it:

  • You can’t publish content without integrating your CRM with Zoho Social
  • Data enrichment is available only for the premium packages
  • Poor customer support

Zapier LinkedIn integration

Another tool that we will look into is Zapier.

Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps without a single line of code. Zapier can tell another app to perform (or do) a particular action when an event happens in one app.

This applies to the integration with LinkedIn as well.


  • Allows you to integrate LinkedIn with tools such as Facebook, Mailchimp, WordPress, Twitter etc.
  • It gives you the tools to customize your flow based on your individual company needs


  • You can’t integrate Zapier with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • You can’t match with possible prospects

Octopus LinkedIn integration

Octopus is the all-in-one LinkedIn Automation tool that helps thousands of users simplify prospecting efforts and grow their businesses.

Let’s take a look at the main functionalities and drawbacks.


  • Send automated (personalized) connection requests on LinkedIn
  • Send connection requests by email to bypass the weekly invite limit on LinkedIn
  • Message hundreds of 1st level connections in bulk
  • Automatically endorse up to 7 skills on profiles of your LinkedIn contacts
  • Visit hundreds of profiles automatically


  • There is no clear mark between leads and contacts
  • You can’t save information directly from the profiles
  • No matching option

LinkMatch Zoho CRM integration

The list wouldn’t be complete without sharing with you more about LinkMatch.

We considered your challenges and developed our functionalities in 3 categories: Matching, Saving, and Updating.


Here are some of the things you can do with LinkMatch for Zoho CRM integration:

  • Instantly see which leads/contacts/accounts from LinkedIn are already in your Zoho CRM and which are not
  • View/edit existing Zoho CRM profiles without leaving LinkedIn
  • Leads and Contacts are marked differently, so you will not confuse them
  • Instantly save LinkedIn profiles straight to your Zoho CRM database
  • Choose which LinkedIn information you would like to save and how
  • Automatically save your LinkedIn conversations into your Zoho CRM as Notes or in a custom field
  • In case a LinkedIn profile was updated, LinkMatch will show you the changes and offer to update those changes straight into your Zoho CRM
  • Adjust Zoho CRM profile view in LinkedIn to only see what is important for you


  • You can’t see which connections you have in common with your prospect
  • You won’t receive leads recommendations

Are you ready to start using an integration tool for your HR activities?

If you have any doubts/questions or just want to explore what LinkMatch has in store for you, drop us a line, and we will get in touch.

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